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Behavioural and rational emotive behaviour

I need help with this outline. I need to explain key concepts, key theorists, the therapist and client roles, therapy limitations as well if the theory is research based in about 800 words. I would appreciate your own words and views as well.

Topic: behavioral and rational emotive behavior

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Rational- Emotive Therapy

1. Founder is Albert Ellis
2. Overview: RET views cognition and emotion integratively, with thought normally including and being sparked by some degree of desire or feeling and with feeling significantly including cognition.
3. Basic concepts: When a highly charged emotional consequence (C) follows a significant activating event (A), A may seem to , but actually does not cause C. Instead, emotional consequences are larely created by B (belief system). When an undesirable emotional consequence occurs, such as severe anxiety, this can usually be traced to the person's irrational beliefs and when these beliefs are effectively disputed (at point D), by challenging them rationally and behaviorally, the disturbed consequences become minimal and largely cease to ...

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Behavioural and rational emotive behaviors are analyzed.