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Finance : McDonalds Stock and Trend Lines

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1. Pick your favorite financial site on the web
2. Go there and get the stock price for McDonalds for the first trading day in March and April of this year
3. Develop a trend line slope (change in dollars per month)
4. Check the stock price for the first trading day in May.
5.Was it at, above or below the value that your trend line predicted?
6. Extend the trend line for another month and check the expected price (from your extended trend-line) against the stock price for the first trading day in June. Show your work and give us some ideas of why the stock was at the May and June levels.
7. What do you think about using this kind of trend line to predict stock performance?

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McDonalds stock and trend-lines are examined. This is a detailed and well presented solution that includes diagrams. A polynomial question is also solved. The response was given a rating of "5/5" by the student who originally posted the question.

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