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    The anti diet approach to weight loss

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    Health Promotion Messages:Please thread your response onto this question --Look through public media (newspapers, magazines, websites, TV or radio) available to you and select one message that seems to present health promotion information and/or motivation for health behaviors that is relevant to older adults. Post a statement on this discussion about this message that describes that message (be sure to cite the source too), gives your opinion about the relevance and accuracy of this information, and discusses how attractive the format of presentation for this message is.

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    The article reviewed focuses on healthy eating, rather than dieting, as a means for keeping excess weight off. The article is related to the health and well being of seniors, because additional weight is more difficult to lose as we age and can lead to serious health problems. The article is designed to provide facts in a manner that related to the average older person. It avoids use of medical ...

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    The anti diet approach to weight loss is explicated and validated with research.