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Weight Management

Discuss and analyze the following in relation to weight management
1) analyze the principles and risks of current diets or weights loss programs
2) contrast the signs and management of eating disorder(s) with routine weight management

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As this is posted as a one credit question I am assuming that you are either looking for an outlined answer or an answer in brief as this is a very length topic that could be discussed at length.

Principles and risks of current diet or weight loss programs:

Atkins- this diet restricts the amount of carbohydrates consumed and is a mainly protein based diet. Concerns include elevated ketone levels in the blood that can lead to liver and kidney problems. See http://www.atkins.com/, http://www.atkinsexposed.org/

Blood Type- according to this diet the different blood groups handle food differently. Certain blood types are told to increase their consumption of some foods while restricting the consumption of others. Concerns for this diet would reside in making sure you were intaking a balanced diet that provides the appropriate vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids.

Glycemic index- carbohydrate based foods differ in their complexity and thereby the energy gained from them and time to digest. This diet restricts the intake of simple carbohydrates and replaces them with more complex one. Blood sugar may need to be monitored for those with insulin problems.

Weight Watchers- caloric and fat restrictions are the focus of this diet. Concerns would stem from any particular health problems that the dieter may have already.

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