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Personal Diet and Weight Loss Management Analysis

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In the Food Journal(attached) all food and beverages an active woman has consumed for a two-day period is recorded. Please fill out whatever remaining cells have to be filled out. Dietary Reference Intake (attached) might help.

Compare and contrast daily totals with the recommended amounts of those nutrients. Determine in what ways this particular recorded diet is healthy and in what ways it is not healthy. If you continue eating as reflected by the Food Journal, are your future years likely to be filled with health and wellness or illness and disability? Why? Next, choose a popular food plan or weight-loss program that you would like to utilize to help you eat more healthfully. Address each of the following in your analysis of the weight loss program:

a. Briefly describe the guidelines or philosophy behind the diet.
b. Calculate the number of calories supplied and compare to US RDA for the items listed in the chart. Attach a sample daily menu in the appendix to your paper.
c. Is there a maintenance plan? How does it vary from the weight loss phase?
d. Does the plan recommend supplementation? If so, what does it suggest?
e. Does the plan recommend exercise? If so, what does it suggest?
f. What is the estimated financial cost of this program if you wanted to lose 20 pounds?
g. Are there aspects of this program that might be hazardous to your health?
h. Is this a weight-loss program that you can recommend or not? Why?

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This solution provides assistance in the personal diet and weight-loss management analysis. It includes a thorough food chart with calorie values and also describes the guidelines of the diet of maintenance plan, exercise, financial cost, hazardous risks and recommendation.

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Please refer to attached response. I have filled in the rest of the cells ...

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