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Quality Management in Dieting according to Philip Crosby

Philip Crosby believed that defects aren't allowed if we make a commitment to being error-free. Philip Crosby applied this to his own life by developing something of an error free diet plan! Essentially, what Crosby is saying, that with all processes - business and personal - it is about mind over matter.

Write down your thoughts on this diet plan of Mr. Crosby's. Could it work for those of us wishing to shed a few pounds? Or is it really only a very strong 'will power' to make this work? Write down something you are going to do over the next few weeks, utilizing Crosby's error free state of mind. It can be weight loss, exercise, taking the kids to the park once a week, etc.

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Phillip Crosby's diet plan is definitely for those with strong will power, however, in the end, that is true of all successful weight loss programs. Mr. Crosby selected an item that needed to be changed- his weight- and then set upon evaluating the situation and setting a goal. In his evaluation he studied his actions (his food intake) and inactions (lack of exercise), logging everything down for two weeks. By writing everything down, Mr. Crosby discovered a need for requirements and wrote these down. He also set himself up for success by eliminating extra food in the house and changing the way food was served. He ...

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This solution addresses Philip Crosby's contention that the zero defect policy can be applied to dieting. The solution addresses the logic of this concept and then discusses a personal plan for applying the zero defect policy to life. It includes APA references.