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Hotel Total Quality Management

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Prepare a paper in which you define Total Quality Management (TQM). Include a description of the impact of globalization on quality. Also, compare and contrast traditional management styles with quality-focused management styles. Explain how TQM applies or should apply to the organization of hotel management.

Locate at least two sources in addition to your book to support your paper. Be sure to properly cite your references in your paper. Sources should be from peer reviewed literature (journals, magazines, not websites) Information need is 700 to 1100 words.

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The solution provides a detailed analysis of Total Quality Management and the impact of globalization on quality. The traditional and quality- focused management styles are also compared in detail. Then TQM is applied to the organization of hotel management. The solution also includes references.

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"Quality management is an organisation-wide approach to understanding precisely what customers need and consistently delivering accurate solutions within budget, on time and with the minimum loss to society" (CQI, 2009).

As explained by Willa A. Foster, and as has been followed over the years by various companies across the world, it is clear that "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skilful execution; it presents the wise choice of many alternatives" (Willa A. Foster).

"TQM is the way of managing for the future, and is far wider in its application than just assuring product or service quality - it is a way of managing people and business processes to ensure complete customer satisfaction at every stage, internally and externally. TQM, combined with effective leadership, results in an organization doing the right things right, first time" (DTI, 2009).

With the growing globalisation, the need for quality products and services is now also increasing. In the current world scenario, individuals do not mind paying a little extra in order to get higher levels of quality and services. Over the years there have been several authors and experts who have provided numerous theories for the quality management within businesses.

* Deming's Theory: Dr Edward Deming has been recognised to be the best reminder to all ...

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