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    Strategy and Business Analysis - Process Improvement

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    PART A
    You are now ready to present to hotel management a process improvement in the areas of focus (check-in, check-out, and hotel offerings).
    Hotel Escargo
    Mission Statement
    Serve the business and pleasure traveler by making customer satisfaction priority number one through top quality service, amenities, comfortable surroundings, and friendly employees.

    Problem Statement

    Upon the annual review of the Hotel Escargo chain, it was discovered that there was room for improvement with the check-in and check-out system implemented by the Rooms Division Department. In addition, there are many areas that the hotel can improve to raise the overall quality and customer satisfaction. The current process used to check guests in and out of the hotel is inefficient for both the customer and the hotel, and a new process must be developed that provides a convenient and efficient experience for the customer, as well as one that makes the best use of the hotel's resources.

    Using process mapping and reviewing the information in the scenario above present to management the new processes for check-in and check-out.
    1. Pick one hotel offering and write a new process map for it.
    2. Along with charts, give a detailed explanation of the new process and where such improvement will benefit the hotel and increase customer satisfaction.
    3. Be sure to include all costs, resources, and management functions.
    4.. Using the data gathered for check-in and check-out under your "new" process, present to management control charts demonstrating the "new" process performance.
    4. Applying 6-Sigma Quality standards, devise a plan for the hotel to monitor and control future process performance.
    Although I need some information on all 6-Sigma Quality please focus on the following :
    1. Critical to Quality
    which deals with attributes most important to the customer

    2. Defects--Which deals with failing to deliver what the customer wants.

    These are the two that I need the most information on. I have some information on the other 4 Sigma Quality standards but I am lacking in the above mentioned two areas.

    PART B Please help with this also. Thanks
    Think of a company you worked for or an organization you belonged to.
    1. Describe a situation in which you (or a manager you worked for) had to make an ethical or legal decision based on some aspect of the supply chain.
    2. If you are not aware of any situation where you (or a manager you worked with) had to make a legal or ethical supply chain decision, create a fictitious situation.
    3. Discuss how these issues were addressed in the company.
    4. How they should have been addressed?

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