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    Hotel Escargo

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    Can you help with this slide presentation in power point (10-16) slides with detailed notes? 3 Scholary reference.

    The consultants have left Hotel Escargo, but you have stayed on as part of the management team now in charge of the continuing overall quality improvement at the hotel. Put together all of your work and planning for the hotel to date, as well as additional research through Library articles now, for a slide presentation with notes for the management team and owner of Hotel Escargo. Detail the kind of quality approaches and implementation you will perform the continuous process improvement steps, and quality tools you will employ. Include any charts and graphs as helpful. Finally, explain what will be your areas of focus next at the hotel and your plan for creating a full quality culture at the hotel. Use the business article collections in the Library for access to helpful articles for deeper exploration. Review the Hotel Escargo document here if helpful.

    Hotel Escargo
    Mission Statement
    Serve the business and pleasure traveler by making customer satisfaction priority number one through top quality service, amenities, comfortable surroundings, and friendly employees.

    Problem Statement

    Upon the annual review of the Hotel Escargo chain, it was discovered that there was room for improvement with the check-in and check-out system implemented by the Rooms Division Department. In addition, there are many areas that the hotel can improve to raise the overall quality and customer satisfaction. The current process used to check guests in and out of the hotel is inefficient for both the customer and the hotel, and a new process must be developed that provides a convenient and efficient experience for the customer, as well as one that makes the best use of the hotel's resources.

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