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    Strategic Management: Hotel Escargo

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    You are now ready to present to hotel management a process improvement in the areas of focus (check-in, check-out, and hotel offerings).

    Individual portion:

    1. Using process mapping and reviewing the information here, present to management the new processes for check-in and check-out.

    2. Pick one hotel offering and write a new process map for it. Along with charts, give a detailed explanation of the new process and where such improvement will benefit the hotel and increase customer satisfaction. Be sure to include all costs, resources, and management functions.

    3. Using the data gathered for check-in and check-out under your "new" process, present to management control charts demonstrating the "new" process performance.

    4. Applying 6-Sigma Quality standards, devise a plan for the hotel to monitor and control future process performance.

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    Hope you are well.

    1. Using process mapping and reviewing the information here, present to management the new processes for check-in and check-out.

    Try and create the process mapping from one particular job function that eventually leads to further jobs that interact with each other for proficiency. The process mapping should entail the procedural phases from starting the process job to the next job function that concludes the delivery of product or service. In job design, the process mapping is more easily relayed to senior management seeking insight to processes that no longer warrants progression to the operational goals or adjustments needed appropriately. Some key instances to include in a process mapping concept reflect the following:

    Check in - Process Mapping:

    Phase 1: Front desk manager uploads the incoming guest's lists for the front desk employee's staff to being aware of attention to detail matters (the number of available room keys, stocking inventory for specialty requests, etc.)

    Phase 2: Front desk employees of check -ins and check outs during normal noon time high traffic of guests - that pulls up the daily guest lists

    Phase 3: Check in procedures - verifying guest lists to available rooms that proceed to assigning the room, managing the payment method of credit cards, placing total stay amount on credit card, and performing walk thru of hotel amenities, etc.

    The carryover process mapping should lead to the check out procedures with finalizing the hotel stay bill total or extending the stay. Further, the process mapping in check outs should entail the assistance to the breakfast team employees to ensure set up and breakdown clean up is following suit accordingly. ...

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