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Weight management

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University of Phoenix Material
Diet and Weight Management
Activity #1
A) Choose a fast food meal that costs approximately $5.00. Complete the table below to summarize the major nutritional data about this meal.

Food Item
Calories from Fat
Total Fat (g)
Total Carb (g)
Total Protein (g)
% Daily Vitamin A
% Daily Vitamin C
% Daily Calcium
% Daily Iron

What is this meal high in?
What is this meal lacking or low in?

In the text, locate the formula to calculate your Estimated Energy Requirement (EER). Fill In the appropriate information in the fields below, and calculate your EER.
EER = __ - ( __ x __ ) + __ x ( __ x __ + __ x __) = __ kcal

Your EER estimates the amount of calories you need during one day to maintain your current weight.
1)The fast food meal supplies how many of your daily calories?
2)How many calories are you able to consume the rest of the day without gaining weight?

B) Assuming that the fast food meal cost $5.00, design a healthy meal alternative that you could make or purchase for the same amount of money or less. To complete this assignment, it may be necessary to visit a local supermarket to obtain the name and price of the items you select. If you select a food item that is sold only in multiportion packages, prorate the cost for the amount that you use; for example, a loaf of bread may cost $3.25, but contains many slices. Divide the cost of the loaf by the number of slices and include in the cost of your meal only the number of slices you use. You may purchase premade food or make your own, but you need to explain how it is nutritionally and economically superior to the fast food meal.

Complete the worksheet below to help you compare the fast food meal with a healthier alternative.

Food Item
Calories from Fat
Total Fat (g)
Total Carb (g)
Total Protein (g)
% Daily Vitamin A
% Daily Vitamin C
% Daily Calcium
% Daily Iron

Compared to the fast food meal, what does this meal supply more of?
Why is this meal healthier than the fast food meal?

1)Along with changing your diet to achieve a healthier lifestyle, what are some ways to change your personal activity patterns?

Activity #2
A) Fred Smith is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 230 lbs. He is an accountant and works a long, stressful schedule with peak seasons and deadlines. During the summer, he is on a baseball league, and he enjoys getting beer and pizza with friends every Friday night. He has also returned to school to get his college degree and has class one evening per week. He does not usually have time to get dinner so he will grab something from the snack machine on campus to tide him over until he gets home.
1)What is Fred's BMI?
2)Does Fred need to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain present weight to maximize health and decrease chance of illness or disease? Explain your answer:
3) What nutritional, energy balance, and weight control suggestions would you give Fred to maximize his health? Provide six suggestions and your reasoning for them.







4) What would you say to Fred to explain the relationship between energy balance and weight control?      

B) Fred overhears some coworkers talking about their weight loss efforts. One person is eliminating carbohydrates out of his diet, another person is on a low fat diet, and one is on a liquid diet. Fred decides to do some research regarding the different diets. Complete the table below to reflect analysis of those approaches.

Low Carbohydrate Diet
Low Fat Diet
Liquid Diet
Examples of Diets



Safety Issues

Advice to People on This Diet

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