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    Mindless Eating for Food Consumption

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    The concepts of "mindless eating" represent a novel approach to weight control. Rather than changing the foods we eat, the method focuses on how we can modify our perceptions of food to regulate intake. Take a closer look at Mindless Eating (or search "mindless eating" or "Brian Wansink") to better understand the ideas. You may view the video, try the quiz, or view the related resources. Comment on whether you think this is a novel approach or whether it is just another fad diet. Would this mental approach to weight control help you better regulate your weight?

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    In the piece, the author, Brian Wansink, shares examples about how the average person fails to make good judgments about food consumption. Included in "Mindless Eating: why we eat more than we think" portion sizes, environmental cues, marketing, taste anticipation, and many other factors ...

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    Size, perception and psychological reasons for food intake are discussed.