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    The effect of food on the body

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    Many eating-related health problems occur because the conditions in which we live are different from those in which our species evolved. What are some of those conditions, and what are some ways in which we can help solve these eating-related health problems?

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    Humans have not been a sedentary species until the last century. People were hunting, farming, and going about daily business mostly without conveniences such as microwaves, stoves, washing machines and modern plumbing. They had to walk to the pump and get water to bring back for the family. There was no sanitation. Clothes were washed by hand. Food that was consumed was fresh, smoked or cured. The amount of sugar a whole family would consume was close to the size of a large ice cream cone. Processed, frozen and packaged foods were unknown. There were no package labels with many lines of ingredients, which few people could pronounce.

    The availability of sweetened and processed foods is a convenience but the human body was not designed to handle all the chemicals and some are more genetically prone to health problems with the consumption. The nutrients are striped out and the chemical additives have been shown to cause problems. It's likely that research is still young in the infinite possibilities ...

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    Modern day advances to the human food supply and how it affects the body is discussed in the solution.