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    Health and Nutrition Solution

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    1.How do issues with energy balance and body weight regulation lead to obesity?
    2.What are the physical and psychological issues that influence energy balance?
    3.Is this related to a genetic or environmental cause, or both?
    Please give 2 references

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    Health and Nutrition Solution
    Background on Energy balance
    The first law of thermodynamics, states that" energy can be transformed from one form to another but cannot be created or destroyed". (Hall et.al 2012)
    This law is usually illustrated as the following equation:
    ES = EI - EO (where ES is the rate of change in the body's macronutrient stores, EI being the chemical energy from the food and fluids we consume and EO -the radiant, conductive, and convective heat lost; any work performed; and the latent heat of evaporation
    Rate of change of energy stores=rate of energy intake−rate of energy expenditure' (Galgani et.al 2008)
    Thus, the rate of change in body ES 10 is equal to the difference between the rates of EI and EO
    Stored energy will increase only if energy ...

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    Obesity results from a disturbance in the balance between food we eat and the energy from this food that we use.
    This solution provides a guide of the physical, psychological, environmental and genetic factors that influence this balance one way or the other.

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