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    1) What is a population cohort and how is it used with health status indicators?

    2) How do living conditions affect one's health status?

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    The population cohort is the group of people, who are under study (e.g., the elderly, socioeconomic class, kindergarten children, residents in rural or urban centers, to name a few) or observation.

    They can be used as health status indicators. For example, the elderly have certain health risk factors (e.g., age related disease, abuse of the elderly, nutrition, etc.) that other population cohorts do not have. Likewise, a cohort of kindergarten children has certain health risks factors (e.g., childhood disease, immunization, nutrition, home environment, effects of parental drug and alcohol abuse, etc.). The health indicators of a population cohort of lower socioeconomic status might be poverty, poor nutrition, higher levels of alcohol and drug abuse, etc. A population cohort of pregnant women has certain health status indicators - higher risk of diabetes, hypertension, etc.

    Can you think of others?

    2) How do living conditions affect one's health ...

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    This solution discusses meaning of population cohort and how it is used with health status indicators. It also discusses how living conditions affects one's health status. References are provided.