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    Increasing population health through health and wellness initiatives

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    Do you think that focus on health and wellness will, in the long run, improve population health in our country? As you know health insurers have been very reluctant in the past to fund/pay for wellness.

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    Health and Wellness Initiatives and Population Health:

    Focusing on health and wellness will definitely improve population health in our country. Currently, our health care system in the United States works more like a temporary Band-Aid for medical problems which in the long run costs more money and creates more disease among the population; patients are treated for an initial diagnosis typically by being prescribed medication to help ease the side ...

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    The implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has great implications for the improvement of population health in the United States. Health and Wellness Initiatives will create a public health structure based more on preventative health then on temporary health solutions. A references is provided.