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    Biological Factors and Their Influence on Health

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    Promotion of individual and population health, with emphasis on the biological factors is essential. It is essential because the public must understand the current events involving scientific findings and news report to situations which involve one's personal health. This includes matters of public health which may be illustrate by biological processes.
    Discuss how biologic processes impact population health.

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    Biological processes can and will have a dramatic impact on health at an individual level, as well as the health of a population as a whole. In essence, biological processes involve the processes and chemical reactions within the body that take place at the molecular level, which result in changes within the body. The changes that biological processes cause within the body are instrumental to maintaining homeostasis, and invariably the health and well-being of the organism as a whole. The biologic processes within the body must be functionally normally in order for there to be a state of balance and vitality within an individual, and any alteration of these processes from the normal activities can have a detrimental impact on the health of the individual.

    There are many biological processes that take place within the human body, and each of these processes has its own role in maintaining the health and ...