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    Healthy Eating Plan

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    What would be a healthy eating plan at 1800 calories a day for a 50 year old female with high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and high cholestrol?

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    This individual presents with a number of dietary restrictions that must be taken into account when developing a health eating plan. High blood pressure necessitates a reduction in salts. Type 2 diabetes necessitates monitoring of blood sugar and a reduction in high glycemic index foods (ones that are high in simple sugars). High cholesterol necessitates a reduction in fatty foods especially ones with cholesterol and saturated fats. The eating plan for this individual should focus on lean meats (broiled skinless chicken and broiled fish) with a lot of vegetables. Carbohydrates from breads and fruits should be monitored. Whole wheat breads and pastas should be chosen over bleached flour starches. Condiments and snacks that are high in fats and sodiums should be ...

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    This solution examines if the plan is appropriate for a 50 years old female and states what type of diet the individual must undergo for each condition: high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. It also suggests a sample of a healthy eating plan with web references.