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    How to Deal with Pressures For Overeating and Undereating

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    What are some ways to deal with pressures that cause one to overeat or undereat ?

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    In order to deal with pressures that cause one to overeat or undereat, one must first understand their origin and learn about ways to treat/address them.


    Many individuals turn to food for relief from stress. However, unfortunately, when eating is unplanned, the end result can be unhealthy food choices, overeating, weight gain, etc...therefore, it is important for individual to understand and deal with the emotional triggers that cause them to overeat. Research shows that the neurochemicals that help balance mood do not function properly in a body that is under stress, causing the body to release stress hormones called glucortoids, which then cause the body to crave for high fat and high sugar foods. Having this knowledge about nutrition can better equip individuals with dealing with the emotional components that lead to the physical reaction of ...

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    Solutions on how to deal with and treat overeating and undereating issues.