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stress and how it can be avoided

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Find 3 web sites relating to "Stress". Read the articles on the sites and prepare a summary in Word of your findings and how you think stress can be avoided. Include the addresses of the web sites you found in your paper.

Use APA style formatting.
Add a reference page to cite sources for any ideas or facts used in your paper.

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What is stress?

Body's way of responding to any kind of demand or stressor. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences.
Some behaviors or habits that may prompt an individual to have stressed or emotional issues.

? Overeating
? Alcohol addiction
? Compulsive behaviors (Hand washing, cleaning, talking, laughing or lying)
? Bruising skin (cutting, picking, stabbing or punching)
? Being too apologetic when it is not necessary.

Reason why these behaviors occur

? Low self-esteem, which depends on the person's background.
? Traumatic event that lead to the behaviors.
? Developing the habit at age, which ...

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