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    Bullying at Workplace

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    In today's workforce, do you think bullying is an issue? Is it always from the top down? How can you work through the process to correct the situation/what would an action plan look like? Do you have examples of bullying in the workplace

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    Bullying is an issue:
    Inappropriate behavior targeting people at workplace is bullying. The bully can abuse, exclude people, and threaten. Sarcasm and unfair censure are tools used by bullies. Bullying is an issue because it creates problems making decisions, creates an incapacity to work, and leads to a loss of self-esteem. The impact is loss of productivity.

    Is it always from the top down?
    No. The bully seeks to berate the most skilled persons and veterans. The bully creates stress and anxiety in the minds of independent employees and those who are more technically skilled than bullies (1). The bully may be a peer but he ...

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