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    Conflict resolution in an organization

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    How would you consult for an organization that recognizes bullying is detrimental to company profit? How would you use these concepts (aggression and violence, intractable conflict, moral conflict and engaging alternative perspectives) to explain this behavior to the organization's leadership?

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    The organization considers bullying harmful to company profits. Bullying refers to verbal abuse, offensive conduct, work interference, and sabotage. Bullying includes conduct that is threatening, humiliating, or intimidating. Bullying is detrimental to the profits of the company because it undermines legitimate business interest because the bullies? Personal agenda gets preference over work. Bullying at workplace leads to the low motivation in the victim (Namie. G, & Namie. R, 2011). The victim is distracted, afraid, and terrorized. This leads to low productivity of work and lower profits.

    I can explain to the organization's leadership that workplace aggression and violence can range from spreading rumors to assaults. Workplace aggression is any behavior that is carried out at the workplace by an individual with the intent to cause harm to another person or group of people. These ...

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    Harmful effects of workplace aggression are explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.