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Privatization of Business

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Need help on the conflict of privatization of business with this sample:


Power, communication and conflict

Trust development

Multicultural conflict resolution.

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Conflict resolution is very important within any type of organization, which includes private business organizations. This is due to the fact that conflicts can cause there to be a reduction in the efficiency by which an organization carries out its operations within its given industry, which can invariably result in a reduction in the overall profitability of that organization. Conflict resolution is also important due to the fact that resolving conflicts can make for a much more peaceful work environment, and a much more peaceful work environment is a less stressful work environment. A less stressful work environment leads to more productivity among staff members, which invariably leads to increased productivity and profitability for the organization as a whole. Due to these factors, conflict resolution is very important to the operational paradigm of privatized businesses and other organizations.

The interplay between power, communication, and conflict, is an interdependent and mutually supporting relationship. This is due to the fact that power can cause conflict within an organization due to the fact that individuals in power may feel that they are superior to their staff members, and may not treat these individuals with the courtesy and respect that they deserve. Power struggles within organizations can also lead to a great deal conflict due to the fact that individuals that are seeking to gain upward mobility within an organization may believe that they have to seek to destroy other individuals in order to achieve their goals and objectives, which will place them into direct conflict with other staff members etc. Subordinates may be envious of the power that the leadership within the ...

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The solution discusses the privatization of business

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