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Please help with the following. Details are appreciated.

1. Compare and contrast the issues in private sector subcontracting to privatization in the public sector.

2. Differentiate the individual rights that employees have within the collective bargaining process compared to the collective rights assured by the contract.

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// While writing this paper, we will understand the concept of privatization and public sector contracting followed by the difference between the two. Later we will proceed to the rights that an individual employee has in collective bargaining process as compared to those assured by contract.//

Collective Bargaining in simple words can be explained as a procedure in which the representative of the employer and of the employee come together and try to discuss on a contract which governs the employer and employee relationship. The issues which are covered in collective bargaining are hours of work, wages, benefits, working conditions, etc.

It involves conversation and negotiation among employer and employees so as to reach to the terms and conditions of employment. This method is adopted in the organization so as to develop cordial relationship between the two groups (Carroll, 1939).

Privatization can be defined as the process of transferring the ownership of a business from the public sector to the private sector. The other name for privatization is disinvestment. Here the situation arises where the government ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 721 words with references.