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    Workplace Bullying

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    1. Based on your work experiences, what are some examples of bullying that you have observed by managers, supervisors, and/or co-workers.
    2. What would you do as a human resource professional training others in regards to bullying to help eliminate the problem?

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    1. I have observed many examples of bullying. In my current employment there are part-timers and full time employees. The full-time employees are able to pick their schedules first, which is acceptable and logical. However, some full-time employees go further and purposely schedule themselves for work outside of their expertise just to shut out the part-timers. In addition, derogatory remarks are made toward the part-timers, to remind them of their "second class citizenship". In fact, almost ironically, in the organization during staff meetings, full time employees are given a full vote whereas part-timers are allowed only a ¾ vote. The bullying is invasive throughout the entire organization, for part timers to take the scraps of work left, at the worst times, and without praise. Nothing has been done by the management to correct this action. It is inherent in the culture of the organization. The organization should work on developing a culture of respect for all employees, valuing their input and service whether full or part-time.

    I have also seen a manager ...

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    This solution, based on personal work experiences, gives examples of workplace bullying. It also gives suggestions from the human resource professional viewpoint of what to do to help eliminate workplace bullying. APA reference is included.