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Children's School Behavior

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What causes homework stress? What can parents do to encourage effective homework strategies in their children?

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This solution explains the potential causes of homework stress and lists several intervention strategies for parents. Parental involvement is essential. Reference included.

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1. What causes homework stress? What can parents do to encourage effective homework strategies in their children?

Homework stress is caused by various factors i.e. not understanding the work, learning disabilities undetected, etc., but generally is the conflict between the parent and child, with the parent attempting to persuade the child to do her or his homework, and the child not wanting to. Homework avoidance by children is a common cause of stress and conflict between parent and child.

According to Dr. Paul, for example, just the mention of the word 'homework' can provoke stress and anxiety both in children and their parents. One good tip about homework is "that it is the child's responsibility and not that of the parents." Other strategies and tips include:

* Homework often begins in kindergarten, because a pattern should be set up early to avoid homework stress. Parents must assert to them that they need to get their work done, which "then becomes a fact of life that starts early ...

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