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Accomodations for a challenged student

Seth is a White male. Seth and his family moved to the community from out of state. His father is an officer in the military and is frequently away on trips. During parent-teacher conferences, his father states that education is stressed at home and he expects Seth to perform well and complete all homework. He also states that the school should not hesitate to call for any infraction and that he would personally make sure Seth knows how to behave. His mom stays at home and is very active in the children's education. She volunteers at school and is the room mother in two of her children's classes. Seth is the youngest of four. He performs above grade level in all academic coursework. Seth shows signs of anxiety when he doesn't perform above grade level. His teacher reports that he makes frequent visits to the nurse on the days that his mother is not at the school.

What accommodations can I make? Why do you think he needs accommodations? What do you think of his father and the mother actions?

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A first consideration is the comment on the father who is in the military "who is frequently away on trips." This statement in itself represents a misunderstanding of the military person's job and responsibilities. Usually military personnel are "home on leave" not away on trips. The high expectations of the father coupled with ...

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Some valuable accommodations for a challenged young student are given. His fathers and actions are determined.