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Distance Learning Strategies

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Consider the following scenario. You have been asked to teach a semester long course via distance education. You will be in a classroom at your university/college with interactive sites in three additional places within a 150 mile radius. There are 15 students enrolled at your site (site A), 5 students at site B, 2 students at site C, and 1 student at site D. Each site can see and hear all other sites through closed circuit televisions. Discuss how you will prepare for this class. What types of issues do you foresee may cause a problem if you do not address it early on or make appropriate arrangements? Consider all of the components that tend to be a part of a class?in-class activities, assignments, exams, etc.

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Here is a great resource: http://www.aacsb.edu/resource_centers/DeansResources/quality-issues-final.pdf

In order to prepare for any class that has other sites associated with it via distance education, you need to make sure that the visual remains the same even if not in the room. It is usually harder to sit through a lecture when it is not live so the lecture itself has to be tailored to meet the needs of those who cannot be in the room. This involves having more ...