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Synchronous Online Learning Presentation

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Provide information for a presentation about synchronous online learning that includes the following:
- The advantages and disadvantages of synchronous online learning
- Facilitation strategies
- Tools that enhance student learning
- An instructional audio or video element

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Synchronous online learning presentation is examined.

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Online Synchronous Learning
Online synchronous learning happens when students and instructor interact at the same time (in real time) in an online classroom (Swenson).

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Synchronous Online Learning
Real time instruction can take place that provides continuous motivation for students in a flexible environment.
It promotes a sense of community between the students and instructors.
It is more convenient than attending classes at a University.
It is a cost-wise alternative compared to traditional classroom instruction.
Its delivery method is the closest available to traditional classroom instruction with the added advantage of students being able to attend universities across the globe and be taught by reputable and knowledgably professors without leaving their homes.
Students become part of a community, gain confidence in their abilities, and overcome obstacles that stood in their way of obtaining a higher education.
Students can also receive instant feedback and encouragement from their peers.

Synchronous distance learning requires students to know how to use.
Access to technology itself may be a disadvantage.
Time zones can present scheduling problems ...

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