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How can synchronous tools such as Skype, Live Chat, and AOL messaging be used to provide feedback in the form of guidance or "touching base"? Provide real-life examples to illustrate.

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This excerpt explains how synchronous tools such as Skype, Live Chat, and AOL messaging can be used to effectively provide feedback in the form of guidance or "touching base" for students.

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Using real time programs like Skype, Live Chat and AIM provide opportunities for instructors to give timely feedback to students. They also foster healthy competition between students when positive feedback is posted publicly. A significant amount supporting information about the benefits of synchronous chat in online courses is provided in David Spencer's article as well. For your convenience, the link to this website is provided below. In essence, innovative technology programs such as Skype, Live Chat and AOL provide cost effective ways for students and instructors to stay connected. They also provide heighten the opportunities for instructors to resolve student issues almost instantaneously.

Nonetheless, in comparing the aforementioned programs, I found or rather assume that the benefits of using programs such as Skype outweigh the positives of the others because it allows opportunities for video conferencing, which further eliminates some of the distancing that students may encounter in the online environment. It is noted in the ION article assigned for this module that "students need much more support and feedback in the online environment ...

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