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Integrating Social Media into the Classroom

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View: Robbins, S. (2008). Social media and education: The conflict between technology and institutional education, and the future. Retrieved from: http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=5eb9cd4798a4488288

Review the above link and share thoughts on the following:

1.Select one social media tool and suggest a way to integrate it with an online classroom.

2. How would you help classmates identify additional ways that they could integrate the tools they have selected.

Examine new developments in technology and how they may influence design and delivery of teaching.

Learning Objective:
Analyze the conflict between technology and institutional education.

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As per your request, I am assisting you in the brainstorming process and sharing my thoughts.

After conducting some research on social media, I believe that social media tools such as Skype and other programs that enable video streaming or conferencing are ideal for the online learning environment. The concept is similar to podcasts or webinars. ...

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