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Social Media Communities, Collaboration, and Networking

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Social Media: How can a "community" feeling inside an online course help a student stay motivated?

What is collaboration in an online course?

How important is collaboration in a career field ?

Some students will use collaboration to network. How can social media such as Facebook , Twitter, Discussion Forums, help?

How is networking beneficial to a professional in any career field?

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Social Media: How can a "community" feeling inside an online course help a student stay motivated?

When any student is taking an online course, there is always a risk that students will feel isolated due to the lack of professor-student interaction that would normally take place in a classroom setting. The same is true with the student's peers. There is always the chance that students won't interact with others, leaving certain students to feel isolated. By establishing a strong group or community culture "inside" of an online classroom, all students have a better chance of actually feeling that they're an important part of the online environment, and the online classroom. The student then feels both obligated and motivated to participate in the discussions, with his or her peers, and in the other activities, which keeps students motivated because they actually know ...

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This solution discusses how a community feeling in an online course can help a student to stay motivated. This solution also discusses collaboration in online courses, and how networking is beneficial to you as a professional. An extensive discussion covering all topics presented is provided. Includes 2 references.

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