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    Organizations and Web 2.0

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    1. How can organizations enhance cooperation using Web 2.0 applications?
    2. How can companies manage their Enterprise 2.0 strategy and deal with potential pitfalls associated with Web 2.0?
    3. Explain how organizations can enhance collaboration using Web 2.0 applications.

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    How organizations can enhance cooperation using Web 2.0 applications.

    Web 2.0 technologies assist in improving the cooperation for businesses to a great extent, not only internally, but externally as well. This generally includes blogs and other social media and is based on the number of users and networking as a whole. In order to make the network more valuable, the higher number of users is better.
    Organisations using Web 2.0 applications have a strong chance to effectively network. This also assists the users to be more easily accessible and provide information to current as well as potential customers. Here this helps in reaching out to a wider range of customers using several tools like social bookmarking, tagging, media sharing (like videos, podcasts, etc.). These not only help in better harnessing of collective intelligence, but also help in effectively structuring and improving the ...

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