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    Cloud Computing and Web 2.0

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    Explain the business uses of cloud computing and Web 2.0 in 500-1000 words, APA style. Explain cloud computing and Web 2.0, explain how organizations use these tools, describe the technology required to use these tools, and discuss the pros and cons of each.

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    What a wonderful world we have now. Look at the impact on our lives due to the Internet, technology and new innovations. The 21st century has already brought about many changes and fantastic new concepts. Two of these new innovations are cloud computing and Web 2.0.

    Cloud computing is defined as "having every piece of data you need for every aspect of your life at your fingertips and ready for use" (Tadjer, 2010). Rather than having to carry around a thumb drive, portable hard drive, or even a "floppy", computer users can now store their documents, pictures and other files online using cloud computing sites such as Google Docs and access them anywhere they have internet access any time that they want.

    Web 2.0 is another fantastic innovation ...

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    The expert examines cloud computing for web 2.0. How organizations use these tools are explained.