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Motivation, Volition and Performance

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Please help me with this question, applying volition strategies effectively can also be related to good work habits. What are some strategies that one might apply to strengthen their volition? How can these strategies to promoted through an online course:

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Definition of Volition:
Deimann and Bastiaens (2010) defines volition as: "the ability to stay task-focused and ward off distractions." Volition "has become of special relevance for educational research and practice. It describes how decrease motivation or negative emotions can be dealt with by applying action control strategies." These authors further mention how "distance education requires a great of persistence and effort that is ...

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This assignment focuses on the elements that contribute to distance learners, motivation, volition, and performance. Strategies to establish and enhance the students volition and motivation are suggested to improve student performance.

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Theoretical Framework for Studying Motivation

Theory can offer many things to the researcher. It can be used to explain phenomena, generate hypotheses and suggest additional directions for research. In turn, the results from research can be used to refine existing theory.

A clear theoretical framework arising from the literature, such as management theory, leadership theory or change theory, can be used to guide a research, including your choice of research design and methodology.

Describe at least two theoretical frameworks that might help with the research of motivation and why. How will your choice(s) of theoretical frameworks affect the manner in which you conduct your research?

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