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    The Non-Egocentric Mind

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    Describe the logic of the non-egocentric mind. What are attributes of this mind, and how does it usually think? Present ideas about how you can expand your ability to think rationally.

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    It appears we are embarking upon a topic within the realm of emotional intelligence. How can this be understood? Well simply put, emotional intelligence can be conceived as a measure of the degree in which a person successfully (or not) applies good judgement and reasoning to situations during the process of deciding emotions or feeling responses to a given situation.

    If I understand things correctly the human mind has three basic functions (at a minimum). Those functions are cognition, feelings and volition. Cognition includes what we commonly see as the mental action of thinking, for example comparing, assuming, questioning, evaluating and the likes. Basically the cognitive function wants to "figure things out".

    The emotional function (feeling) would be within our mind our very own internal monitor. This lets us know how we are doing in a given situation. Since we are such complex creatures we may experience everything from happiness to anger, joy to depression and the comparisons are limitless.

    Finally we have the driving force which is the third function. Volition can also be described as the formation of our will. In this area we will find our goals, desires, motivations commitments and the likes. This is the ...

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    This response discusses within the realm of emotional intelligence attributes of the non egocentric mind and gives ideas on how one can expand their ability to think rationally.