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Cultures and Ego Centric Reasoning

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Do the values of all cultures allow ego centric reasoning ("what is good for me") or allow one to be more concerned about the good of the community above the good of the individual?

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The solution below should get you started. There are many explanations and examples that can be utilized to answer this question but the simple answer is no. Below I have put together a short discussion to exemplify and explanation from your subject of study. I suggest this simple outline:

1. Egocentrism & related ideas - 150 words
2. Answer to the question - 100 words
3. Exemplification - 100 words

Egocentrism & Culture

If identity and personality is heavily influenced by socialization, and if socialization imbues culture - essentially skills, capacities and competences - in people from childhood (following the tabula rasa or 'children as blank slates' hypothesis), then notions of self, of one's place in society and the world can also be attributed to learned culture. Egocentrism is a sense of preoccupation about one's own world. An egocentric individual is much more concerned about his/her own feelings, needs, failings, successes - whatever they might be, an egocentric individual puts self first above all. Thus they are subject - only their thoughts and opinion matter, that of others (and thus, the situation of others - their pain or joy) ...

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The solution discusses cultures and ego centric reasoning. The good of the community is provided.

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