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    Sociocentrism or egocentrism

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    Identify a time where you, someone you know, or a group of people have displayed sociocentrism or egocentrism. Explain how the people acted, as well as the improper thinking that led to these actions. Finally, explain what could have been done differently and list some specific ways that these forms of thought can be eliminated from one's life.

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    Egocentrism and Sociocentrism

    How we see ourselves and act in accordance to it is constructed through socialization - the sum total and on-going social experience we go through as we live our lives. Egocentrism is a sense of preoccupation about one's own world. An egocentric individual is much more concerned about his/her own feelings, needs, failings, successes - whatever they might be, an egocentric individual puts self first above all. Thus they are subject - only their thoughts and opinion matter that of others don't. An egocentric person is unable to see the world from another person's perspective - sees the self as 'individual' and is unable to think relatively as doing so is not being true 'to the self'. Egocentrism is learned - an imbued and constructed way of ...

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    Sociocentrism or egocentrism people are identified. How these people have acted are given.