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Features of a hypothesis

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I would like to under what specific features of a hypothesis do each of the criteria adequacy- testability, fruitfulness, scope, simplicity, and conservatism try to measure?

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The criteria that you mention do not measure anything. They are more general aspects of any research proposal. They are parameters in wording and communicating a working hypothesis.
All of these are also controversial.

Consider a hypothesis:
Human beings living in capitalist countries are more egocentric than those who do not.

The hypothesis is that egocentrism is a function of the sort of society in which one is born and raised. The cause is the society, the effect is egocentrism (or its opposite). There is a cause and an effect. The cause must adequately explain the effect.

A hypothesis is, by definition, testable. What this means remains controversial. In the most genera sense, there must be an acceptable way to show, suggest or "prove" that your dependent variable ...

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The features of a hypothesis are provided. Criteria adequacy is examined.