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Child development study

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Using the developmental stage selected by your group for the Applied Developmental Theory Activity, observe children in that age level(age level is 10-12 years old) at a selected site for a minimum of 30 minutes. Suggested sites include, but not limited to: schools, church youth groups, libraries, malls, restaurants, and parks.
Each team member will then write a summary of their experience reflecting the principles and concepts of the selected theory. The observations will then be combined into one assignment each reflecting a different observation but connected through a common theory.
Include the following in each observation summary:
a.) Site description, including number of children observed
b.) Developmental stage
c.) Theory
d.) Behaviors observed
e.) Reflections
f.) Implications for classroom application

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a.) Site description, including number of children observed:
In sum, I observed a class of 25 sixth graders during their English class in a suburban school setting. The demographics of the group represented various racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. However, the school is classified as a Title I school overall.

In this class, the predominant race was white with 10 kids; there were also five blacks, five Hispanics, and five Native Americans or American Indians in the observed group. One student was ELL since she came from Honduras recently. There were two students who were classified as Special Education since they were on IEPs. I learned this data in confidence from the instructor.

b.) Developmental stage: I saw a lot of evidence of Piaget's Concrete Operations for this group of 12 year olds. One kid was 13, though. I noticed that most kids were able to achieve multiple tasks independently. I ...

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Child development study is modeled.

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