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    Distance learning for special needs students and others

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    Does distance learning provide the same quality of instruction as traditional education, in relationship to instructional delivery for students?

    What about students with special learning needs?

    If possible please include possible references for additional research and information.

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    First, distance learning includes any education that takes place from a distance, and this includes correspondence courses which are traditional mail based, lessons received via television, cable or closed-circuit television, short-wave radio, or via any other transmission method imaginable, including what most of us modern students consider the norm when we hear that term: lessons or courses delivered via the World Wide Web using a computer.

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    As to your first question, about distance learning providing the same quality of instruction as traditional education. "It would seem obvious that when students are satisfied with their online courses and programs, they are more ...

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    Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning for special needs students and others, with references and Web sites.