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    Analysis ProQuest on-line special learner teaching article

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    Using ProQuest, research one article on on-line teaching. Post a summary of the article and your reflective thoughts about on-line teaching. How does the information address the needs of special learners? Include in your discussion whether you agree or disagree with the article. Provide a link to the article

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    ProQuest is an academic, subscription database. To search for an article, select keywords you judge likely to return articles useful to your asigned topic. For instance, when I searched using the terms "online learning AND special needs students," ProQuest returned quite a few relevant articles, from which you may choose an article that you like. I chose:

    Wallace, P. (Spring, 2009). Distance learning for gifted students: Outcomes for elementary, middle, and high school aged students. Journal for the Education of the Gifted, 32(3), p. 295 - 322. Retrieved January 26, 2009, from ProQuest database. (Document 1680703711).

    For APA formatting of a resource citation, the name of the journal would be in italics. MLA formatting is different. Use whichever formatting protocol your instructor requires, and check the listing against your manual or instructions to be sure you are correct. For example, the listed citation is in line with APA version 5. Version 6 has been out for several months, and is slightly different.

    Next, read your chosen article, keeping in mind the assignment focus questions. You would read your article for content and main ideas, to be able to accurately summarize what the author(s) said. Secondly, read especially looking for what the author said about special learners. Remember that special learners are students who are at both ends of the learning scale: the high, or ...

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    Analyze a ProQuest article about online teaching of special learners