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    technology in teaching students with special needs

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    Is technology a benefit or barrier in teaching students with special needs? Cite examples to support your statement. Include at least one reference link from ProQuest in your posting.

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    First of all, in my years of classroom teaching experience, I strongly feel that the use of technology is an obvious benefit in teaching students with special needs. In my content area, for example, students are able to use technology, such as spell checks and online thesauruses, in order to augment their mechanics and grammar, an important feature for kids who struggle with written expression and English skills in general.

    Since many special needs students are visual learners, the use of web quests, Smart Boards, LCD projectors, PowerPoint presentations, and other forms of online technology are so helpful in order to motivate and engage these learners.

    Similarly, I also feel that the tactile nature of the computer with keyboard and mouse features involving touch allow the special ...

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    The benefits of technology in teaching students with special needs are presented.