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Technology and its Impact on Special Needs Students

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How do you view the inter-relationships between teaching, learning, and technology? Cite an illustration from your classroom or worksite where you have incorporated an instructional tool using technology to assist a student or person with special needs

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I can definitely help you with this. I know how hard it is to find examples when you're not a full-time teacher yet. I'm in my tenth year of teaching, and I've worked with every grade K-8. Right now I'm a K-5 ELL Teacher, and I help kids who are learning English. Some of those kids also have additional special needs.

Today, technology is a crucial part of teaching and learning. It allows for more interactive learning and student engagement. My 5th grade students have to write expository "How-To" papers as a grade-level requirement. They are far-below grade level as writers, and they were dreading this assignment because it is very boring and challenging for them. So I used technology to spice it up without changing my writing goals. Students still had to write their 8-step "How-To," ...

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How technology can help students with special needs and interact with teaching and learning.