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    Strategies for special needs students and the digital divide

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    The digital divide is a serious inequity within many educational settings. Identify three workplace strategies that could be used to mitigate the impact of the digital divide on students with special learning needs.

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    Your posting did not specify whether you required references, or what citation protocol you are required to use (APA, MLA, other). If this is not a component of your assignment, please disregard.

    I will be referring to a quotation from this book: APA version 5 citation:

    Maeroff, G. I. (2003). A classroom of one: How online learning is changing our schools and colleges (type title in italics). Palgrave Macmillan: New York.

    The digital divide refers to people's access to technology, and the factors which influence that access, whether in providing it, or in limiting it. Your assignment refers to "the workplace" which I am assuming is the school where the special needs students the assignment refers to are being educated. There are numerous strategies which you could cite and discuss to respond to this assignment.

    One such strategy is providing every student with one of the new, stripped-down computer laptops which are available to schools at a group discount. These mini-computers are limited in their functions and memory, which is one reason they are inexpensive, but they all offer word processing, and some offer Internet capabilities. If the ...

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    Discussion of strategies to lessen the impact of the digital divide upon special needs learners is provided in this response, which is 648 words with reference.