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    Teaching, Learning and Technology

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    Provide an example of how an incorporated instructional tool using technology to assist a student with special needs, and how the inter-relationships between teaching, learning, and technology.

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    The nature of helping students with special needs is to move them along in the academic process, as best a possible, bringing them as close to grade-level mastery as possible. Since each student is unique and his/her needs are individual, the IEPs (Individual Education Plans) are critical so all the players know what is required and going on. Trained professionals like special education teachers, classroom teachers, principal and other therapists, as needed, are involved with a team along with the parent and/or student. The team creates an educational plan, which includes accommodations and often technological tools are used.

    Those served through the Disabilities Education Act ...

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    Assisting student with special needs, and the issues of teaching, learning, and technology are discussed.