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    Technology, inclusion and special needs students

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    How can technology aid in the successful inclusion of students with special needs in the general education classroom? How have you observed technology being used in inclusive classrooms?

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    This solution offers steps you may use as a guide to assist you in completing this assignment:

    Step 1: Describe some of the special needs inclusion students may have

    Example: Student may have either a physical or learning disability - visual, auditory, or how they perceive what they hear or see.

    Step 2: Describe some of the technology available to meet whatever specific special needs you define in step 1

    Example 1: A student with vision problems may benefit from software that enlarges text on a computer screen so the student can see it easier, or from software that reads words or letters as they are being displayed on the monitor.

    Example 2: Another student may have a learning disability that prevents him/her from learning specific subjects (i.e. math or spelling) at the same rate as other children. He/she may learn best in an inclusion classroom with math or spelling tutorial software that reinforces the lesson being taught in ...

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    Inclusion of special needs students and technology are hot topics in K-12 education. This 577-word step by step solution guides you to answer the question of how technology can help with inclusion of special needs students into general education classrooms. The solution also includes examples and sample scenarios for each step to help guide your thinking, along with sources you can use for citation purposes as you complete this assignment.