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Create a tip sheet for designers of interactive software.

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Could you give me some tips on how to create a tip sheet for designers of interactive?

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Create a tip sheet for designers of interactive software. Include at least five tips for ensuring that their software meets the needs of diverse learners. Your tip sheet should include the following:

? Explanation of each tip
? Targeted population
? Description of the ways the tip promotes inclusion
? Examples that clarify the tip

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5 Tips of ensuring that software for interactive designers meets the needs of diverse learners

Underserved populations refers to the group of individuals who are not offered the same level of equality when it comes to education as a result of several issues such as low income factors and differences in ethnicity. The tips are required by the interactive software designers because they will assist in coming up with software which meets the needs of diverse learners in that they are going to serve a population universally without any form of discrimination (Redon, 2005).

The tips that the interactive designers are going to use to ensure that the needs of the diverse learners are met include the center for applied technology, the use of a flexible technology with the capability of meeting the need of the diverse learners, fitting assistive technology online training program, begin with me tip, and the support list tip (Spring, 2005).

? Centre for Applied Special Technology (CAST).

CAST has the ability of researching and developing several ways in which learners can be supported depending on the individual ...

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