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    most important part of communicating

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    Write an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses regarding communication. In your analysis, consider your writing skills such as grammar, punctuation, syntax, wordiness, etc. Also, consider your abilities or weak areas in verbal communication such as formal presentations, speaking in meetings or class, or informal discussions.
    Create a "tip sheet" that addresses ways in which you can improve on your communication weak areas. Your tip sheet should be in an easy-to-read outline or bulleted format which lists 15-20 items.
    Prepare a second tip sheet of 15-20 items for improving weak areas which is specific and personal for you. On this tip sheet, list your weak area and then the suggestion for improvement. For instance, if you always misspell certain words, include those words spelled correctly on your tip sheet. If you get nervous during a presentation, write a list of preparations that will help you be calm. This tip sheet will serve as a reminder in your portfolio and will provide quick reference for your future use.

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    Obviously I can't write about your strengths or weaknesses in communication based on these two paragraphs. However, I hope I can help you figure it out for yourself. I created and attached a table that covers the areas in this assignment. Some of them may apply to you or not. Maybe there is something I left out. Either way, the assignment asks you for a tip sheet and that's what the table will end up being.

    So go through the table and fill in the blanks. Here's a bit of advice. Be honest with yourself, but don't be self-deprecating. I hate when anyone asks me to describe my own weaknesses. I'd rather think I have only strengths, though some of my strengths may need a bit of work.

    Your instructor asks for some very specific things about spelling and grammar. I included those on the table and encourage you to think about those and if you have other areas for improvement add them. I listed some areas of ...

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