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Overcoming Barriers to Communication in Healthcare

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Explain the existing barriers to communication and discuss ways for managers to overcome these barriers within a system.

Please note: Example of personal barriers to effective communication included people distorting the encoding or decoding of their message according to their frames of reference or their beliefs and values. People may also consciously or unconsciously engage in selective perception, or unconsciously engage in selective perception, or permit their emotion such as fear or jealousy to influence their communications.

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One existing barrier to effective communication is the distortion of a received message based upon an individual's perception, which is largely dictated by their belief system. One of the most effective ways by which managers can overcome this perceptual barrier is to first talk with the individual in order to gain a keen understanding of that individuals belief system and perceptual methodology, and to ensure that all communication is tailored in a manner in which that individual's mode of perception and ...

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